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Outdoor furniture industry is growing range of leading the trend to broaden the market

Philosophy of life will inevitably bring about changes in consumer demand for change from the past two years, the home market situation, sales of furniture and other factors affect the growth of the real estate decline, while outdoor furniture sales were more than 20% annual growth . Pursuit of natural , casual high taste of life more and more people , the development of outdoor furniture have more power , changes in demand for the domestic market , outdoor furniture products when integrated enterprises should be ” long-term vision , precise positioning .” .

Center of life back home

Since reform and opening , China’s economy has made tremendous development . Spending power is already in the world. However, rapid economic development, life has gradually deviated from the track , accelerate the pace , the pressure increases , many people’s lives have been working occupy and enjoy the warmth of family life and leisure time , almost a kind of luxury.

In recent years , the foreign concept of leisure and outdoor lifestyle gradually being accepted by the people . High strength, fast-paced life makes more and more people desire relaxed , comfortable atmosphere for relaxation ; economic conditions improve , but also the quality of life they have become increasingly demanding , for the understanding of the quality of life has also undergone a significant significant changes in the strong demand for wealth has been converted to the physical and mental health , family life , home environment and other aspects of the pursuit. Statistics show that most people believe that home is the most important living space , they will pay more attention to the decoration in the home for a cozy atmosphere for relaxation .

Seize market demand can seize opportunities , improve living comfort and leisure degree of consumer goods has become a new economic growth point, the leisure industry in recent years, the rapid development can be seen. There is a growing respect for freedom , leisure lifestyle , “leisure ” has become a new label home market . From home-style change is easy to see , outdoor furniture and other leisure products will become the new darling of the market .

Broaden the scope of the market to guide the trend of consumption

China outdoor furniture industry is growing, but mature international markets, there are still large gaps. This gap immature party from the consumer market , subject to the other outdoor furniture producers and traders on the domestic market misunderstanding. Some manufacturers believe that: the domestic climate , size , and other aspects of consumer culture and foreign markets and accordingly limited consumer demand for domestic outdoor furniture , has little potential , do not have vigorously develop value.

This one-sided view of limiting the outdoor leisure furniture in the country’s development . Outdoor furniture should not simply be understood as ” on the outside of the furniture ,” because they not only have to deal with various powerful features outdoor conditions , more importantly, it exudes a casual , free features . At the same time , and a lot of outdoor furniture products can be a multi-purpose, and sense of design , artistic sense. These products can be freely combined to meet the individual needs of consumers .

New things , new trends will always be challenged , imagine a few decades ago , the mainland can there be bride wore a white wedding in your own ? Yet until now , has become not only the bride’s wedding dress will be wearing the dress , and with more and more wedding styles , but also from its scope ” Wedding” extended to other grand occasion. Market development are inseparable from changes in consumer attitudes , outdoor furniture industry is no exception , if you want to expand the scope of the market , we must advocate casual consumer trends from the beginning , so this new “outdoor furniture ” consumption concept enjoys popular support , is the most numerous outdoor furniture companies should do .

Tailored products for the market

In addition to guiding consumer trends , to provide for the domestic market, ” tailor-made ” products are also outdoor furniture business priorities. Currently, China’s real estate industry ever developed , although affected by the impact of national policies into the ” intermission ” stage, but the rigid demand diminished , size optimization also makes outdoor furniture have more and more “useless .” Such as ” split-level ” Residential real estate sales in the economically developed cities optimistic about the characteristics of this type of housing is two floors, has a larger surface lighting , better ventilation , the indoor living space and auxiliary larger, compact layout , function clear . This pattern borrowed from Europe and residential apartment design techniques , popular domestic consumers, many cities in the domestic high-end residential design has been promoted. But this apartment due to high prices , can afford to buy this house many people, of small and medium sized affordable real estate market is still the mainstream .

Small and medium- sized housing is the next few years or even longer domestic housing development direction , chamber inevitably lead to changes in the home environment and lifestyle changes , weigh functional and home style , as many furniture companies have to face and consider. In recent years, casual outdoor furniture in the domestic market is very popular , comfortable, stylish , distinctive, both to meet the needs of the people to rest , but also to create a warm and relaxing family atmosphere , both practical and beautiful . However, most outdoor furniture for space demanding, does not fit into a small apartment dwellings . Enterprises should focus on the domestic housing situation , development and design in line with China ‘s national conditions of outdoor leisure furniture, so that casual fashion into thousands of people.

Prominent outdoor leisure weakening

Currently, the use of outdoor furniture in the domestic range is still mainly for outdoors, and most consumers think : “With thegarden , will expect to buy outdoor furniture .” This concept of consumption also contributed to a narrow range of outdoor furniture market, one of the main . However, from a different angle thought for thousands of years are crops grown outdoors can be placed indoors , why outdoor furniture must be placed outdoors to use it ? Therefore , enterprises in the publicity not only to emphasize the applicability of outdoor furniture on the environment , should emphasize its ” casual ” sex , and guide consumers of leisure life philosophy.

According to the use of space , the use of the different segments of the domestic industry more and more obvious , such as ” children’s furniture “, ” Kitchen Furniture “, ” cloakroom ” and so on . The outdoor furniture is its functionality and unique product style and become the new home industry from the show . Outdoor furniture not only adds more choices for consumers , to meet more people on casual family atmosphere , the pursuit of high- quality home life , and lead the return of the true way of life close to nature , the home to break the boundaries of indoor and outdoor , creating a mind and life more free space. Believe that with the use ofoutdoor furniture growing range of outdoor furniture industry will usher in a more beautiful spring .

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