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How to choose your hammock?

How to choose your hammock?

Decide ahead of time what type of material you want for your hammock’s rope.

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Choose a hammock made from polyester, which is mildew resistant and durable in all types of weather, if you are going to hang it outdoors.


Try a polypropylene rope for outdoor use. It is a shiny synthetic rope that is mildew resistant. However, it will wear out quickly if left in direct sunlight.

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Consider buying a hammock made from cotton if you are going to use it indoors. Cotton is natural and soft, but will easily mildew and deteriorate if left outside for an extended period of time.

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Read the dimensions of the hammock, because some names might suggest that a hammock is larger than it really is.

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Purchase a 54-inch-wide by 84-inch-long hammock to comfortably fit two adults, or one that is 60 inches wide for the family.

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Buy a hammock that is at least 45 inches wide and between 76 and 84 inches long for single seating.

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Think about how much weight the hammock will hold, and make sure the manufacturer meets your requirements.

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Sit in the hammock at the store if you are not ordering by catalog. Lie back and see if it supports your weight evenly.

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